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SVK Pristine Health is a fast growing healthcare company that successfully handles US Medico-legal Services for the US attorneys and IME physicians. It was founded and managed by a team of Doctors from Premier Medical Colleges from Chennai, India and Certified Project Managers. These doctors carry more than 15 years of clinical exposure in various specialties along with records review experience. We provide strategic outsourcing solutions to the US lawyers, medical billing companies and healthcare providers. SVK delivers a infrastructure made of highly skilled professionals, robust processes, and proprietary workflow engines. This makes us an ideal partner for our clients. By leveraging our people, processes and technology, we enable clients to reduce operating and capital costs, recover revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and increase productivity.

In Medico-legal services, our primary aim is to minimize the effort spent by the law firms in organizing and summarizing the unorganized and voluminous medical records to proceed with the cases efficiently and cost effectively. Our team of medical expert is well trained on legal perspectives and technologically upgraded who are proficient in preparing a logical, succinct summarization of medical records to support the clients during various stages of the case settlement.

In healthcare revenue cycle management, we focus on providing end-to-end medical billing services and make revenue management a hassle-free process to the providers. Our in-depth healthcare industry expertise enables us to provide end-to-end solutions to successfully resolve our clients’ billing challenges, while embracing their overall business operations. When you need a medical coding company, we are the best choice.

We are completely flexible in the services provided as well as in the pricing models. We offer complete revenue cycle management suite or specific services too. We are ready to collaborate and the pricing model can be customized as percentage or ‘per FTE’ pricing based on the services that are required.

Medical transcription is one of the most critical process and these medical record serves as a base for the patient’s subsequent treatment. This also serves as a legal document during any medical professional liability insurance, health insurance claim, etc. Hence, the medical providers and the hospital managements give more priority to this process though it requires a huge investment of time and money. Recently, with improving technologies, the work is made simpler and faster.

Outsourcing medical transcription saves more time for the medical providers which enables them to concentrate on patient care and also eases the management work. The main concern in this process is quality conformance, accuracy, flexibility, reliability, confidentiality and turn around time which is well guaranteed in all our services.

We ensure complete information security compliance through HIPAA and achieve process efficiency through innovation and technology-driven services. Our employees are provided continuous training on HIPAA and PHI. We work cloud based providing data security and assuring work continuity without any hurdles.

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Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury

Worker’s Compensation

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Mass Torts

Medical Transcription

Medical Coding & Insurance Eligibility

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