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Why SVKPristine Health?

Excellence in quality 99% accuracy Quick turn around time of less than 10 hours Manual as well as AI technology used Flexibility – Provide STAT reports, easily approachable, simple and effective communication methods HIPAA compliant and reliability Cost effective and helps enhance productivity and proficiency Advanced technology for hassle free processes Best ever customer support Multiple dictation options

Services provided

Medical records being one of the critical services we ensure that the quality is adhered from the initial process until we deliver the final product to the healthcare providers. With best quality and efficiency, we make sure that the physician or the hospital management are able to complete their tasks on time and extend their service to the patients on time peacefully.

Any rush request is handled by our team proficiently. We have online system to upload and download. The services can also be customized as per the client demands. We have so far extended our services to individual physicians, nursing homes, group of physicians, hospitals, IMEs and medical research centers as well. The dictated notes are also transcribed into electronic medical records as per current demands.

We have experience in more than 50 specialties including IME and research centers.

Our two tier quality check under six sigma quality tools make sure that we achieve 99% quality work every time the service is delivered. Our first level production staffs are experienced MTs who are trained and capable to deliver 96-98% quality. They achieve this quality with client specifications, continuous training, MT tools, dictionaries, drug books and continuous feedback. The QC staffs have more than 8 years of experience and deliver the product with 99% quality adhering to the client specifications and specific quality conformation. The QA staffs picks the records specifically the flagged ones and get them to 99% quality.

We deliver STAT reports within 2-4 hours of the request. We offer dictations through Handheld digital voice recorders and phone based dictations.