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Why SVKPristine Health?

HIPAA compliant Well experienced and expert review by specialist MDs and paramedicals Unbiased records review Strong quality check process 100% adherence on timely delivery – we work at your convenience Capable of handling rush requests Can work on customized templates, case specific templates and reports Oriented towards customer satisfaction – interactive work pattern Logical and case oriented services which increases efficiency of law firms Enable the law firms to focus on core business activities Process oriented work environment

Our Expertise Area

Medical malpractice / Nursing home negligence:

Medical malpractice is the most sensitive and complex type of case in terms of effort, time and investment. We provide all the support to the attorneys that help them to deal with thousands of medical records efficiently and economically. Our MDs analyze and scrutinize the records to provide a succinct case focused medical summary that will help them to decide the case merit and the case value. This will reduce the hours consumed by the US medical experts as well to provide their opinion.

Only the details relevant to the case are summarized to establish the causation and damages. The critical details and the evidence for negligence will be highlighted. The defendant’s points will also be provided separately as requested by few attorneys which will help them prepare well for the trial. The handwritten notes are well interpreted by our MDs with their experience and expertise. Based on the case, deposition questions are also drafted which will help the attorneys to get quick and direct inputs from the defendants.

Case specific special reports like medication chart, injury report, etc, will be provided for easy representation and analysis. We can even provide custom reports and presentations for use in mediations and trials. A preliminary analysis will be done to identify critical records that are missing prior to beginning the case summary. All details including record type and possible time period will be provided for ease of records retrieval.

Personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and worker’s compensation:

The purpose of these case summaries is to provide in-depth analysis of the pain and suffering of the patient and their family, the short and long term effect of the injuries on lifestyle, work, physical and mental health of the patient, and future work requirement and performance. This summary will help to distinguish pre-accident and post-accident injuries and their impact on the quality of life. Graphical or pictorial representation of the critical details can be provided for ease of understanding and analysis of case value.

Mass tort:

The summaries for the mass tort cases are focused to establish the relation between the usage of the product and the damages suffered. All the details related to the product will be included along with the damages suffered that would help decide the strength of the case. The comorbidities are also reviewed in detail to provide an unbiased report. After thorough review, the cases are categorized based on the classifications provided in class action suits. Apart from a regular summary, we also provide custom summaries in simplified formats which includes only minimal details to prove the usage and the related damages. The template varies for each product based on its specifications and complications. We also work on the Plaintiff Fact Sheets to include relevant details from the records and questionnaires.

Why We Stand On Top:

Well defined processes and methodologies – Customer centric

With our strong rooted team, we promise you quick turn around time of a week with 100% compliance to quality. Our team is managed by professionally certified project managers thereby ensuring success through defined methodologies and technologies.

We are oriented towards customer satisfaction and hence we take immense effort in analyzing and understanding the attorney’s as well as the case requirements. We have many interactions with our clients starting from providing the case receipt, case plan, free estimate, quick response on calls/mails, discussing their expectations and getting a feedback on each case which will always bring us a step closer to their expectations.

Bestever Customer service

Our customer support services are available 24/7 which will help/guide on your queries as soon as possible.

Proficient and experienced staffs

Our MDs and paramedics are well-experienced clinically and also in reviewing the medical records. This helps them understand the requirement of the case both legally and in medical perspective.

We provide neutral unbiased services which helps the attorneys to decide on the case merit and finalize if the case is worth investing. And this is why our attorneys love to refer us to their colleagues and friends!!

Save your time and money - work peacefully

We save in-house staff/legal nurse work hours and the investment made on them. This also helps the law firms to concentrate on core business activities like better client management and trial preparation. Starting from Bate stamping the medical records, indexing, sorting, case screening, detailed merit analysis, medical references, medical dictionary, brief to detailed medical summary along with technical services we provide end-to-end services

We also work remotely on your desktop or template to make it more comfortable for you. This is also performed after your in-house office hours thereby ensuring continuous work.

We also reduce the hours put in by the US medical experts as we provide the case specific chronology along with technical services like hotlink and bookmark that help them navigate through the medical records in just a click away.

Confidentiality and Reliability

100% assurance of data security through HIPAA and PHI compliance. With secured file transfer, restricted access to client data, password protection, full restriction for external ports, continuous training, Non-disclosure agreement and restricted office premises we provide full security to the client details and information. Based on our retention policy, we discard the medical records after six months of the service delivery.

Our Services

As-is summary

This is a chronological arrangement of the events after detailed review of the medical records provided based on the case background and conversations with the customers to provide a case specific, customized summary and saves valuable time. This helps us deliver cost effective, quality product on time. Any critical records missing will be communicated as earlier as possible. For Mass tort cases, our experts design case specific templates to keep the review simple and informative which will enable the clients to handle huge volume cases.

Narrative review

Narrative review will provide all the case specific details in a narrative precise manner.

Merit analysis

Based on the case background, the records will be scrutinized to provide a fact based merit analysis. The analysis will provide a detailed insight about the case medically and also conclude if there is merit to proceed further. This will also include any information that are defensive so that the clients are well prepared. It will detail on the standard of care required, breach in care, evidence based justification on negligence/damages and the defendants names. We will also enlighten on any other negligence noted during the review of records. In addition to Medical Malpractice cases, Merit analysis is done for the Mass Tort cases as well to establish if the damages were due to the drug or the devices.

Case-specific reports

These are details or facts from the records that will be presented in a more simplified manner. For e.g., tabulation of significant lab reports like WBC, vitals and antibiotics in a sepsis case, timeline presentation of radiological studies and weight in a cancer misdiagnosis case, Braden score/wound details in a pressure ulcer case, drug usage dates in mass tort case. This will help us decide on a case more efficiently and evidence based.

Mass tort reports

For Mass tort cases, our experts design case specific templates to keep the review simple and informative which will enable the clients to handle huge volume cases.

Plaintiff fact sheets

We will also fill the PFS forms by filling in the pertinent and appropriate details and the missing records will be identified to support in the mass tort litigations.


This is a technical support where in each record type will be bookmarked by which the reader will be able to quickly locate the required pages. We can bookmark the records based on the record type, provider wise or in chronological order.

Bate stamping

The records will be Bate stamped for easy identification on request by the client. Alphanumeric bates are used commonly.

Medical glossary

Glossary will be provided to the medical terms which are critical to the case.

Organization of medical records

The randomly arranged medical records will be sorted and organized in a way requested by the client. The sorting can be done based on the record type, provider wise or in chronological order.